Harmony’s Design Store’s Custom Products

Harmon's Design Store's Custom Products
As the old saying goes, "It's not the actual gift, but rather the thought that counts." This notion rings true on so many levels, but there are literally a ton of gifts that are available for your choosing. On the other hand, Harmon's DesignStore can bring great joy to you, and bring great joy to the people that you love. This particular company specializes in clothing customization that's heartwarming, endearing and special for all occasions.

Harmon's Design Store just so happens to be an online business of artfully crafted products. These products will certainly bring a smile to your face since many of the items are full of humor. Our eclectic clothing line will come with fun-loving phrases that can be purchased for women, men and children. The options are literally yours for the taking from holiday styling to random design that coordinates with your personality.

How Does HDS Stand Out Among Other Online Businesses?
First things first, Harman's Design Store is open for business, and the online shopping process is very simple. Our clean-cut layout is easy to use, and our products are perfectly categorized for your liking. In addition to that, it's hard to beat our top-tier customer service. Of course, this can't be said for much of the competition as we'll do everything possible to cater to each customer's needs.

Here at Harmon's Design Store, we pride ourselves for creating high-quality products that are guaranteed to last. Receiving a gift that falls apart isn't part of our agenda. Time, development and meticulous craftmanship goes into each and every product that we sell. When speaking about our products list, some of the items will include
  • Men's Clothing
  • Women's Clothing
  • Baby Clothing
  • Gift Ideas
  • And more

One buyer stated that "The vibrant colors for the shirts look amazing, and I'll definitely order more." Another, goes on to say that "I love the funny quotes for many of the clothing items." Another says "Get your money's worth by supporting a family-owned and operated business."

New Products That Are Ready For Purchase

Our "Boss Lady In The House" t-shirt starts out by making a bold statement. This particular women's t-shirt doesn't need an introduction as all eyes will be on you once glancing over the shirt's bold lettering. This pre-shrunk fabric feels great on the skin, and its white color can be paired with just about any line of clothing from denim to khakis. The t-shirt will come in sizes that span from extra small to triple-extra large. Buyers can also opt for a designated color in terms of lettering. Whether taking a quick trip to the bar or quietly strolling through the mall, the Boss Lady t-shirt will accentuate your personality.

The "Real Money" men's t-shirt is stylish, bold and daring. The shirt's money-print styling looks realistic right from the president's face to the individual water marks. Be ambitious while looking the part. Of course, the Real Money t-shirt is a limited edition, and they're sure to fly off the shelves in due time. This particular shirt is handmade with premium material while coming in a myriad of sizes. Wearing this shirt with a pair of jeans or cargo shorts is ideal for everyday living.

If you're expecting a new member for your family, then Harmon's Design Store has you fully covered literally and figuratively. Our baby clothing line is exceptional on every level, and these fantastic bodysuits are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face who encounters your little one.

Our "Gorgeous Just Like Mommy" bodysuit is handmade with the softest of fabric. Your baby will feel comfortable while looking completely stylish on her daily journey around town. The bodysuit's stylish design is downright eye catching from its italicized print to its fun-loving emojis. Multiple sizes are on deck, and buyers can take advantage of specific colors in terms of lettering.

Not to be outdone, but the brand's "Handsome Like Daddy" bodysuit for your baby boy is sure to make a proud papa boast about the new member of the family. This one piece is also handmade with precision while delivering exceptional comfort. Pre-shrunk options and customization options are also available for your personal liking. Its dark print and mustache symbol is sure to make the most masculine figure melt with tenderness. Why not tease and have a bit of fun with everyone who views this item?

Our "Feather Mandela" women's t-shirt has beautiful styling from its bold lining to its handmade fabric. This t-shirt will have your woman looking fearless, and its infused ink technology gives the shirt a pro-level perception. The ink appears to become one with the fabric for a more realistic appearance. Black and white hues are very popular with this type of styling, but Harmon's Design Store goes on to offer full-color options.

Have some fun while running errands around town after purchasing our "Mommy Bear" t-shirt. This shirt can be paired with the brand's "Baby Bear" bodysuit for a one-of-a-kind look. This matching ensemble sports a mother bear and baby bear silhouette. If you're not into black/white contrasting hues, then you can simply select a full-color display.

The available "Daddy Empty Battery" t-shirt pokes fun at the man of the house, especially if he has to deal with children on a regular basis. This pre-shrunk, handmade shirt displays a huge battery icon via two bars of power. This notion rings true on most occasions, especially when handling small kids. Harmon's Design Store offers this shirt in white and grey hues, so choose wisely.

The brand's "Dog" t-shirt has a great display of man's best friend. This illustration t-shirt is designed for men's wear, and a number of actual dog types are available. Why not show your pride via a statuesque display for your adopted member of the family? This shirt and its portrait-like display is appropriate for running errands, lounging around the house or participating in your favorite hobbies.

Our "Painted Einstein" t-shirt is electrifying in every possible way thanks to its array of vibrant colors. This t-shirt is also a limited edition, and it's exclusive for a certain period of time. Einstein is known for being one of the smartest men in history as well as a serious kind of guy. On the other hand, the sheer exaggeration of his facial expression in this photo is priceless. Rocking this shirt in public is basically a form of artistic expression, and most people will identify with its humor. Multiple sizes are available, including small and extra large.

In addition to our first-rate clothing options, interested buyers may want to add some flavor to his/her smartphone. If you have an iPhone 13 Pro, then you can add some spice to its exterior by opting for HDS's silicone case. Our silicone case is constructed from tempered glass, which will protect your phone from sudden drops. On top of that, this custom case will display vivid colors that will pop via royal blue and pink hues. Other customization options are also on the menu for an extra charge. Its thin case feels sturdy in hand as well as comfortable in your pocket.